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Corporate Health and Wellness Solution: How effective?

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Do you know the health profile of your organization?
Are you aware of how much one employee’s absence due to a medical condition can cost your organization? Are you able to drive measurable outcomes and ROI from your corporate health programs? With people being the key asset, is your company’s health and wealth really assured?

If you have limiting answers to these questions, let’s proceed further.

When we think about Corporate Health and Wellness solution, we often think of Yoga, Zumba, some health talks or an annual health check-ups. Usually, employees associate good memories with wellness initiatives at workplace. But when asked about the effectiveness of the these programs, it is hard to find a straight answer. One of the ways to find effectiveness and utilization of such programs is to check how many wellness partners have been changed in the organization in the last 3 years. How has the wellness partner actually impacted the active health management of employees? Has there been measurable impact on overall health index of the organization with enhanced overall productivity? Has the impact been significant enough to drive active control or reduction on annual health claims / premiums year-on-year basis? How the unavailability of data further reinforces the doubt on over- effectiveness of these programs! Many of these wellness programs start with a lot of fan-fare and excitement but over a period of time, both the excitement and participation wanes out.

In one such example of a large corporate, in the first year at the beginning of the program the participation was 95% which reduced to 20% by the end of year. With a renewed push again 40% of the employees enrolled in the second year but that again dipped to 5% by the end of second year. The program was discontinued at the end of second year. Both HR and Management are often left perplexed about what program to run to keep their employees interested and motivated to drive active health, wellbeing and mindfulness at worksites.

Surely, annual health check-up for all employees starts as an elemental intervention measuring the health signs of every individual employee. However, ever wonder how much is the utilization level of such a program in corporates and how many actually interacted with the med-care ecosystem with doctor follow-up, right diagnostics and lifestyle behaviour change program post the annual health check-up. Ever wonder why an absolutely normal looking employee just collapses one fine day not only giving a scare to his colleagues but also impacting productivity loss and burden to annual health claims for the organization.

Another factor that has started to hurt is the rising group health insurance premiums. Typically, a couple of months before the renewal date of the health insurance, the team wakes up and starts evaluating quotes from the markets. With the claims ratio being high around 110 - 140%, the quotes on health premiums are going to be high as well. What can be done now? Either reduce the coverage or the employee health benefits. This is one tough choice!

At NanoHealth, we believe that if it is not measured, it never happened
Our NHAssurance HealthTech platform ensures that the management is aware of the health risk levels of the entire workforce across regions with health analytics dashboards in place. This has surprised many management stakeholders seeing 10% of their workforce is at the risk of hypertension and 5% with high cholesterol level making it important for the leaders to drive targeted active health management programs for employees for effectiveness and ROI impact.
Our intelligent health recommendation platform with “digital + human” intervention creates an active nudge for every employee in the organization to take the next best step in his/ her health journey. As example, the platform guides an individual with high bad cholesterol level over last 6 months with a personalized care plan with doctor follow-up, next level diagnostics and nutrition plan as per his/her health needs. This active health management platform along with mental wellness solution has actually impacted significantly in enhancing workplace productivity, alertness and mindfulness with active control on health claims under managed care (~10-15% ROI impact within the first two years of program run).
Curious to know more about your workforce health profile and drive active health management with personalised care coordination?
You can reach us @ www.nhassurance.com

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